About us


Since 2011 Evologics expands and help companies with the same future oriented vision to grow.

High quality solutions, compliance to time and budget constraints earned us our reputation, rewarded by different long lasting parternships.

Since the constitution year Evologics grows through developemnt of innovative products and re-design of existing solutions. Thanks to efficient and high quality hardware, software and firmware development services we’re able to optimize design and production costs.

what we do

Our Mission

CREATE a better world

  • Stay curious, design, solve
  • Listen to companies needs
  • Innovate the clever way
  • Offer custom made solution
we enjoy working

What People Say

It was a pleasure to work with Dario and his team. We were amazed at the great scientific competence, the passion for technology and the desire to solve complex technical problems in a systematic way. The proactive approach with which he faced some practical problems was also remarkable, creating parts in 3D printing and intervening on purely electrical problems. His support has been fundamental in all phases of the project and the solution he has provided is so above our expectations that we have already identified other developments that we will shortly ask him to implement.


Meet Our Team



Managing Director

I’m intrigued by theoretical matters. I like to face technical challenges and deal with company inner dynamics.



Technical Director

I try to deepen my understanding on the technology I get in touch with to identify new innovative applications.